miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

¿SER o ESTAR? (2)

¿Cuál es la oración correcta?  
Which is the correct sentence?

Es gorda (She is fat).
Está gorda (She is fat).

Gorda - Delgada

¿Lo has adivinado? Did you guess?

Both sentences are correct, but only the second one is politically correct. By using the verb "estar" we are saying that being "fat" is only a physical state (that may change with diet and exercise) and not a defining characteristic of the lady's physical appearance.

Similarly, we use diminutives to make a negative characteristic sound nice or cute. So we could say:

Está gordita (She is a little fat).

Haz clic aquí para repasar los diminutivos y superlativos.

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